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Company Profile

Maya Biotech is one of the largest exporter/supplier of Thiophosgene, Drug Intermediates, Biotech Intermediates, Specialty Chemicals, etc. from India. Our products are well accepted in Indian drug industry and reputed companies. These products are developed by our own research and development team which included eminent scientists and engineers. We have a capability to develop process and products and we do manufacture such products on exclusive basis.

Maya Biotech is able to offer the highest quality and greatest variety. We take pride in developing close working relationships with our customers and we are committed to total customer satisfaction in quality, value and service. Plus, we offer very competitive price for our customers.

We are confident that you will find Maya Biotech to be a preferred and valued supplier.

Featured Products

Maya Biotech offers various drug intermediates and biotech intermediates. We are bulk manufacturers and suppliers of:

1. Thiophosgene
2. 1,2- dimethoxy Ethane(Monoglyme)
3. Tetrahydrofuran (THF)
4. N,O-Bis (trimethylsilyl) acetamide (BSA)
5. Menthol Crystals
6. 1,1'-Thiocarbonyldiimidazole
7. Phenyl chlorothionoformate

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